Adventist Child Protection Screening

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Adventist Child Protection Screening (Shield the Vulnerable)


The North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist communicated in November of 2016 that Verified Volunteers will be replacing the Shield the Vulnerable system.  

The new solution will provide both training and background screening for employees and volunteers.

There is a tutorial video which will walk you through the volunteer experience within the new system.  This can be found at the following website: . (you may need to scroll down to find the video for volunteers.)

Step 1:  After you have viewed the introductory video, please go to and click on the first-time registrant button.

Step 2:  Select the Union (North Pacific Union Conference) and the Conference (Upper Columbia Conference) where you work or volunteer.

Step 3:  Create a user ID and a password you can easily remember.  It is recommended to use your email address for your user name.

Step 4:  Please provide the information requested on the screen.  (Note: Do not click the back button or your registration will be lost.)

Step 5:  Select your primary location where you work or volunteer and click continue.  If you work or volunteer in another location, please select 'Yes' and then select the location.

Step 6:  Select your role(s) within the organization (multiple may be selected).

Step 7:  Click on the green circle to begin the online training.  Upon completion, the last screen will allow you to print a certificate.

Step 8:  Please read the instructions regarding the details of the online training and then proceed.  Select 'Click Here' to begin the online training (Note: Training can take up to one hour).

Step 9:  Upon completion of your online training, you will be instructed to complete your background check.  Please complete the steps within the background check process  (Note:  The background check will only take 5 - 10 minutes).

Step 10:  If you are a volunteer, you will be directed to complete the Verified Volunteers Background Check by clicking on 'Complete the Verified Volunteers Background Check'.  Verified Volunteers will require you as a volunteer to claim your account using three pieces of information - email address, home zip code and date of birth.  You will then be redirected to the Verified Volunteers platform to confirm the details required for the background check.

Step 11:  Review and complete the consent form.

Step 12:  Confirm the information is correct and click submit.  Once the background check has been successfully processed you will be notified via email.  Please note you are not cleared to volunteer until your personal references have been completed, check with your local volunteer screening coordinator to determine when you are fully eligible to volunteer.